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3 Reasons to Sealcoat Your Driveway This Spring

Is your spring cleaning to-do list not long enough yet? Don’t forget to add driveway cleaning and sealcoating to it! Actually, move it to the top because this time of year it truly is a priority. But the winter is over, you might say, why should you worry about sealcoating your driveway if it’s nice […]

Is Maryland Winter Killing Your Driveway?

During your daily commute you’ve probably noticed how you now have to brake more frequently for potholes—they seem to appear out of nowhere over the winter. Did you check on your driveway recently? The chances are good, it’s also starting to look a bit shabby. Winter, with all it’s snow, ice and below freezing temperatures, […]

Your Top 3 Options for Snow Removal

As we’ve discussed in one of our recent posts, snow removal in Maryland is not something you can neglect. Yes, it will melt eventually but not fast enough to stop being a nuisance and a hazard. Depending on where you live, you might be required to remove snow from pathways within a certain distance of […]

Who is Responsible for Snow Removal in Maryland?

Some people love snow and wait for the storms with sincere joy. But if you had to shovel the sidewalk and plow the driveway every time it snows, you’d probably be less enthusiastic about it. And even if you personally don’t mind the snow and ice, nine times out of ten you might still have […]

Snow Removal Tips and How to Stay Safe in a Blizzard

This fall has already set some cold temperature records in Maryland, and we’ve even seen a few flurries in some parts of the state. The 2014-2015 winter is expected to bring “above average snowfall,” as meteorologists like to call it. This could be a few more storms than usual or an extra ten inches we […]

Is improper Grading Ruining Your Property?

If you live in a newer home, your property was likely graded properly during the construction. However, if you purchased a home with a history of owners, you could be dealing with someone else’s landscaping mess. And you might not realize it’s a mess until you get water in your basement and your lawn turns […]

Don’t Miss the Last Chance to Seal Coat Your Driveway

While you are relaxing on the beach in July, sealing your driveway is probably the last thing on your mind. Meanwhile, a typical driveway sealant requires a minimal temperature of 50F and long, sunny days in order to dry and cure properly. This means that summer would be ideal for seal coating in Maryland and […]

Seal Coating FAQ

What is seal coating? Seal coating is a process in which asphalt is covered in a liquid called Sealcoat to prevent damage from UV rays, harsh winter temperatures, water and traces of gas and oil that end up on the driveway. Who needs to seal coat their driveway? Anyone who has a paved asphalt driveway […]

Save Money in the Long Run By Grading

Getting a new driveway installed can be expensive. There are labor and material costs to be considered, and the amount of time it can take to lay a driveway properly is an irritant to some homeowners. In their rush to get their driveways down as fast and as economically as possible, many will skip over […]

5 Types of Issues Found Within Parking Lots

Paving is used to cover up holes and cracks on the surface of roads, parking lots, and more. However, paving does not last forever. It can be subject to breaks or erosion. Parking lots are especially susceptible to structural problems due to the heavy foot and car traffic they experience. These problems can range from […]