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Asphalt driveways are built to last and are capable of weathering almost any condition.  However, if you want to get the most out of your driveway, there are some maintenance tips to consider that could help extend its life dramatically.

specializeRightImgWatch Nearby Plants 

Trees and plants grow roots which, if they get under your driveway, can cause damage to it.  Keep an eye on these and make sure they don’t get to your driveway or start growing around the edges.  Edges are important to maintain as they prevent cracks from forming in your driveway.

Pay Attention to Parking 

While parking in your driveway, do not sharply turn your wheel.  This can cause damage to your surface coating.  Also, try to park in a different place every time.  If you continuously park in the same spot, you will eventually wear down the driveway in that spot and cause indentations and ruts.

Look Out for Cracks 

Cracks will almost inevitably form in your driveway, so it’s important to stay vigilant.  Cracks can be detrimental to the health of your driveway by letting in various harmful liquids and plants.  Prevent this by getting a seal coating every 2-3 years.

Keep It Clean 

Oil, gas, and other liquids can damage your driveway if left unaddressed.  If you accidentally spill something corrosive, make sure you clean it up quickly.  You can use kitty litter or special cleaning solutions to do this.  But it is best to avoid spills in the first place by not changing oil or fueling equipment/vehicles on your driveway. 

Address Standing Water

When parts of your driveway are lower than the surrounding area, phenomenon called “bowls” or “bird baths” can form.  Water collects in these which can cause your driveway to crack.  This should be fixed as soon as possible and if the “bowl” is too deep, you’ll want to call a professional.

If you run into any of these issues, you’ll want to handle them as soon as you can.  If it’s beyond your abilities, the next step is to call a professional.  1-855-GotPaving provides paving repair services – call or contact them today.