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A damaged, cracked, and deteriorating driveway can take away from the beauty of your home and property. The worse condition your driveway is in, the older it can make your home appear. A damaged driveway also makes snow and ice removal during the Maryland winter a challenge. Below are some common signs that your driveway is falling apart.

Faded Asphalt Color

There are two reasons why your asphalt driveway may be faded. First is age: general wear and tear on your driveway and many harsh seasons in Maryland can make your once black asphalt driveway faded and gray. The other reason for a faded driveway may be oxidation. If your asphalt was exposed to oxygen while it was hardening than that could play a role in your driveway not having the black shiny color you so desire. If your driveway is faded, it may not be indicative of a major issue, but it may be time for a new driveway to freshen up the curb appeal of your home. If your driveway was recently installed but has lost it’s luster, the fix is simple: have your paving contractor repair any cracks and seal your driveway and the coating will provide protection and give it a much nicer color.

Linear Cracking

Hairline cracking is a common driveway issue. The problem with cracks is that they can spread and lead to worse problems over time. Cracks collect dirt and water and in the winter water will freeze and expand causing the cracks to do the same. Adding layers over cracks won’t fix the issue as those cracks must be cleaned, filled and sealed in order to prevent them from growing deeper and wider.

Scaling Cracks

You won’t find this problem when we pave your driveway, but scaled cracking is often found after a homeowner tries to pave their driveway on their own or uses an unprofessional paving company. The cause of these “alligator” scale looking cracks is that the top layer of asphalt is inferior or sealers were used in excess or too soon. When this type of damage is present, we remove the crack filled asphalt, make level again, and refill the area with new asphalt.

Uneven Asphalt

If your driveway is buckling or wavy, or has pits in it, there could be numerous causes to address. In northern states like Maryland there is a weather related issue known as frost heave which causes the soil below the driveway to expand when frozen and the asphalt above suffers. Multiple heavy loads driving on a new driveway may also cause leveling issues, but most often you’ll see this with repeatedly parking a heavy vehicle like an RV in the same spot. These issues can be fixed by repair depending on how severe.

Sinking and Crumbling edges

If you find that the edges of your driveway are crumbling or sinking in, than your asphalt is probably too thin. Thin areas can crumble and break apart as car tires drive over. This is also an erosion issue in some cases and sometimes sinking can happen near downspouts and areas where soil is being washed away. Sunken areas can often times be patched and there are many ways of reinforcing your driveways fringe areas, like edging.

For all of your Maryland driveway repair issues, from cracks to fading, call on 1-855-GOT-PAVING. We’ll provide a quality professional driveway-every time!