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Does your driveway look like its seen better days? Properly caring for your pavement is important if you want the exterior of your home to look its very best. Let’s explore some common driveway issues and their solutions!

Common Driveway Issues

ISSUE #1 Cracks

What does it mean? The first thing to know about a pavement crack is that it is just the beginning of the problem. By nature, cracks will spread and grow, and are a continuous problem for your driveway. Water gets into these cracks and, during the colder months, will freeze and expand causing the cracks to spread.

What’s the solution? If you catch the cracks early, they can be cleaned out so that no dirt or debris remain, and then filled with a hot sealer. If the cracking is abundant and looks like spider webs or alligator skin, the best solution is to remove the cracked asphalt completely and fill in the area with new

ISSUE #2 Graying

What does it mean? The jet-black color of your driveway will fade over time. This is normal. As your driveway and pavement ages, it is prone to wear and tear from exposure to the sun, rain, and vehicles. Oxidation is what causes your driveway to turn grey and it occurs when asphalt is exposed to oxygen. The pavement then hardens and turns gray, leaving your driveway with a worn and faded appearance.

What’s the solution? Graying means your pavement is aging, but don’t worry! If you don’t have cracks along with the fading color, your pavement doesn’t need repairing. Simply get in touch with a driveway sealing company and have them apply a seal coat every 3-7 years to keeps the surface looking fresh and new.

ISSUE #3 Unevenness

What does it mean? Unevenness, buckling, or waviness in your pavement can be caused by prolonged presence of heavy vehicles or loose ground below the surface. Sometimes heavy frost in the colder months causes ground expansion which can produce a wavy texture in your driveway.

What’s the solution? Fixing or replacing the damaged driveway area is commonplace. Afterwards, an overlay can be applied to the entire driveway to ensure the surface matches. If there are many areas that have succumbed to buckling, it might be best to contact a Maryland driveway paver and have them replace the entire driveway.

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