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Yes, you can get a different colored driveway other than gray. Home-owners are no longer restricted to this traditional color if they don’t want to be. That said, there are some things to consider when staining your driveway a different color. Here’s what to consider when deciding.

Maryland House with new asphalt driveway

What Types of Materials Allow Driveway Staining?

If you’re looking to stain your driveway a different color, you can do so with either concrete or asphalt driveways. The only difference between the two will be ensuring the type of driveway stain you are using is specifically made for your individual type of driveway. Also, be careful when staining a driveway on an incline that you don’t let the stain run and cause discoloration.

What Colors can I Stain My Driveway?

You can choose whatever color you desire for your concrete stain; it’s just like mixing a can of paint. We recommend using traction additives in your driveway stain if your driveway is on a slope for added traction during adverse weather conditions. When it comes to driveway colors, we recommend sticking to traditional, neutral colors to ensure the resale value of your home.

Should I Stain My Driveway a Unique Color?

Actually, the answer is most commonly no. While it may seem like a fun or unique way to set your home apart, it makes your home harder to re-sell. Tradition driveways are the color they are for a variety of reasons, and one of the reasons you don’t see more stained driveways is because gray is neutral and matches most all color schemes. If you are set on staining your driveway, be sure to opt for a neutral color.

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