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Asphalt makes up the majority of pavement surfacing in the United States, which raises the question: is asphalt safe for the environment? The short answer is yes. While it’s not a perfect material, asphalt is safer for the environment, and here’s why.

Green Building Credits

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a program which certifies buildings as “green” or environmentally-friendly. To be LEED-certified, a building must be designed and constructed with environmentally-sound materials. Buildings can earn LEED credits if they pave using asphalt because it is a recyclable material and because it can help with storm water management and reducing urban heat.

Conserving Energy

The process by which asphalt pavement is applied to our roads and parking lots requires much less overall energy than other paving methods. Asphalt is an easy road surface to apply which means road crews have to spend less time running their equipment. Additionally, asphalt surfaces can be repaired, as opposed to needing to be replaced every time, which means less materials used and less energy spent.

Less Traffic

Traffic is a major cause of greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, any excess traffic due to a bottleneck can create more local greenhouse gas emissions. Asphalt is the easiest of all road surfaces to repair and apply which means it requires less time. This leads to less bottlenecks due to construction. With less construction bottlenecks there will be fewer traffic jams, which means less greenhouse gases.

Recyclable Materials

Asphalt roads can be recycled. Asphalt paving companies can strip the top couple of inches from a parking lot or road and send it off to be recycled. By recycling asphalt roads, we can reduce the energy required in the production and transportation of asphalt. Not to mention, it’s one material which doesn’t need to unnecessarily take up landfill space.

Water Quality

Asphalt helps to improve water quality because it does not leech any dangerous substances or chemicals into the water. This is why asphalt is used in places like fish breeding ponds or drinking water reservoirs. In addition, porous asphalt pavement can be used in areas where run-off is a problem to improve the water quality of the ground below the asphalt.

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