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Save Money in the Long Run By Grading

IMAG0667Getting a new driveway installed can be expensive. There are labor and material costs to be considered, and the amount of time it can take to lay a driveway properly is an irritant to some homeowners. In their rush to get their driveways down as fast and as economically as possible, many will skip over grading their driveways.

In the long run, this is a big mistake that can result in a deteriorating driveway and even damaged vehicles. While a new driveway will hold up just fine on its own merits when it’s young, age takes its toll, and an ungraded driveway can face severe consequences. There are many reasons to grade your driveway, including the following:

  • Prevent water damage. This is probably the number one reason to grade your driveway. One of the most common causes of a deteriorating driveway is water damage, which generally occurs when the land beneath the driveway is not properly graded. A little bit of investment now will save a lot of heartache later, otherwise you risk a cracked or crumbling driveway!
  • Prevent puddles. Not only do puddles contribute to water damage, puddles are irritants for your family. Having proper gradation ensures water drainage, which eliminates puddles.
  • Ensure your driveway doesn’t develop potholes. This one is extremely important. Improper gradation leads to puddles, which indicates the ground isn’t laying flat. After some time, puddles and stress from cars can contribute to potholes in your driveway. Not only are these irritating, but they can cause damage to your car.
  • Improve the look of your driveway. Grading creates a flat and reliable surface for paving. While it’s possible to have an ungraded driveway if you’re going with gravel, asphalt or pavers will definitely need grading services to stay level and look their best.
  • You’ll need fewer repairs. Obviously, if your driveway has a pothole, you’ll need to repair it to ensure safety. This will cost money. You’ll spend more money fixing an ungraded driveway than you would by grading it in the first place.

Grading is the best way to ensure proper installment of a driveway that will remain safe and in good condition for years to come. If you are getting a driveway installed, do yourself a favor and contact us at 1855gotpaving for gradation services. We can grade any driveway and ensure the best foundation for getting it done right the first time! 

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