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Maryland’s sometimes extreme temperatures can often be a hindrance to those looking to have outdoor home renovations or installations completed during specific times of year. Driveway paving is no exception. Let’s take a look at whether or not you should have your driveway paved in the summer.

asphalt paving summer

Asphalt’s Temperature

Most driveways are paved with asphalt, which is a tar-like mixture containing an aggregate of sand and stone. The asphalt must be heated in order for it to liquify and then be poured and spread. Because the asphalt tends to solidify rapidly, contractors must work with it quickly when outdoor temperatures aren’t ideal, so that the material doesn’t turn solid before it has been smoothed over and the driveway is paved properly.

Outdoor Temperature

Based on the fact that asphalt solidifies quickly, it’s understandable that cold times of year are not ideal for driveway paving. Contractors will have less time to spread the asphalt and cover your driveway evenly when the outdoor temperature is lower than 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although 70 degrees is the optimal outdoor temperature for paving an asphalt driveway, there are improved strategies and asphalt mixes that make it possible to pave a driveway in temperatures slightly lower than 70 degrees. However, the best way to know when the right time is to complete your paving project is to have a professional Maryland paving contractor out to your home to assess your driveway’s condition first.

Additional Considerations

Here are some other things you should consider when choosing what time of year to have your driveway paved:

Does your driveway need paving or replacement?

A replacement paving project will take longer than simply repaving your existing driveway. Have a professional driveway paving company in Maryland inspect your current driveway to determine whether or not it makes more sense to replace it. Large cracks, divots, and other unsightly surface flaws may not be fully corrected by paving, meaning it would be better to replace.

Is it a rainy season?

Another factor that can play a part in the proper paving of your driveway is outdoor himidity. If the air is humid or slightly damp (even a very light sprinkle), paving is typically completed without flaw. However, if it has been raining frequently and the ground has been consistently soaked, your driveway might not be in the best condition to be paved. Your contractor may suggest waiting until the ground dries up and the rain stops for a few days or weeks before beginning the driveway paving project.

Your Reliable Driveway Paving Company in Maryland

If you’re considering having your driveway paved this summer, reach out to our professional team today. Got Paving is your best resource for all of your paving needs in Maryland. We are happy to help you choose the best time for your paving project and guarantee affordable pricing and high quality service. Call our experts today!