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The Best Time of Year to Pave a Driveway

Outdoor home projects can be completed at almost any time of year, as long as the weather cooperates. There are advantages and disadvantages to each season when it comes to choosing the best time to pave your driveway. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of paving with asphalt in warm and cool weather.

1855 Paving The Best Time of the Year for Paving

Spring & Summer


  • In order for asphalt to set and compact properly, it requires an internal temperature of between 175-275 degrees. Warm and hot weather can help the asphalt maintain this high temperature.
  • Repaving an asphalt driveway in the warmer months means no risk of expansion of existing pavement cracks when winter comes (and with it, snow and ice).


  • The spring months can bring rain, which can affect the stability of the asphalt and the installation timeline for your driveway paving project.
  • Colder temperatures can linger into early Spring and unexpectedly mild summers can limit the amount of high-temperature working days.

Fall & Winter


  • Hot Mix Asphalt can be used to pave your driveway in temperatures between 40-60 degrees with little to no negative side effects.
  • Asphalt with greater depth (3” or more) has a longer work-ability time than thin applications, making it easier to pave with during the cooler months.


  • Compression of the asphalt becomes difficult when exposed to cold outdoor temperatures.
  • Installation crews will have less time to work with the asphalt when it cools too quickly, which may result in a bumpy or uneven surface.

Asphalt is a great choice for paving a driveway because it has low maintenance requirements and tends to stay exactly where it is laid. It has a relatively long life and stays firm and unyielding to frequent driveway traffic or heavy vehicle stowing.

Although the colder months are not most ideal for paving your driveway, the job can be done successfully if you hire the right paving contractor. These experts will know what to expect and be educated on the techniques required to pave your driveway even when the weather isn’t ideal.

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