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If you’re a business owner or property manager in need of parking lot paving services, it’s important to hire a company that will provide you with outstanding customer service and a high-quality product. Don’t know the specifics of what to look for? Doing a little research and answering these questions are guaranteed to help ensure you’re picking the best company for the job!

Tips for Hiring a Paving Company

Are they licensed with the state?

If you’re having any type of construction work done, it’s necessary to make sure the company you choose is licensed to do what you are hiring them to do. Paving companies in Maryland are no exception. Any Maryland paver you hire should be licensed with the state, and must keep their licenses up to date and valid as long as they are in business. The Maryland Home Improvement Commission provides licenses to contractors all over Maryland and can easily verify if the company you choose for your paving project is licensed.

How long have they been in business?

Although young paving contractors that have only been in business a short time may be very good at what they do, it really pays to choose a paving company which has many years of experience in their field. As the years go by, technology improves and new ways to more efficiently complete paving projects come to life. A reliable Maryland paving company is one that knows the old ways and the new, and uses their experience to give you the best product possible.

What are their prices like?

It’s ideal to find a paving company that offers competitive yet affordable pricing combined with a high-quality product. If you pay too little, you will likely be compromising the quality of work and materials. A professional paving company will offer you a free estimate and will consider your budget when assigning a price to your desired paving project.

What do their customers have to say about them?

Online reviews are abundant and give you plenty of insight into how actual customers feel about the services they received. Do a quick Google search of paving companies in Maryland and check out their customer reviews! A reliable and professional paving company will have customers that are happy to leave positive feedback and recommend their services to others.

For a Maryland parking lot paving company you can trust, call 1-855-GOT-PAVING! We are Maryland licensed, have over 25 years of experience, and are dedicated to giving you high quality products at a reasonable and affordable cost. Contact us today to get a quote for your new parking lot paving project, or to inquire about our other paving services!