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Did your car leave a black imprint on your driveway? Have you seen frequent imprints left by other cars on roads? Skid marks are left by cars on driveways due to the “plasticizer migration” phenomenon. Here’s a little more on why your car leaves skid marks and what you can do about them.

tire skid marks driveway

What are Skid Marks?

It is a visual mark that isn’t confined to just cars. It is created by anything that moves against another solid material. The vehicle’s skid marks on roads appear when your car spins or slides on the road, and also when it stops rolling. These marks assist in determining the speed of the car prior to the accident.

Skid marks can be divided into two categories: acceleration marks and braking marks. The former is created when you speed up your car, while the latter appears when the engine’s power exceeds the ability of the tire to grip the road. You can tell the difference as brake marks have a lot of curves while acceleration marks are comparatively straight.

What Causes Skid Marks?

They are caused due to the phenomenon called plasticizer migration. Basically, plasticizers are added to glasses, rubbers, glues and other materials to create flexibility. The plasticizer softens upon heating, so when you drive fast, the engine heats up, and eventually, the tires get hot. As a result, the plasticizer in the tires softens and expands and leaves skid marks when you accelerate too fast or slam on the the brakes.

Surprisingly, the better the model of your car, the more plasticizer in the tires.

Can you Get Rid of Skid Marks?

Yes, you can get rid of skid marks on your driveway. Head to your local hardware or auto store and get a strong, bleach-free degreaser—ask an employee what they’d recommend for driveways. Apply the degreaser and let it soak into the skid marks without drying; re-apply degreaser to keep it wet. After about 5-10 mins of soaking scrub the marks with a stiff-bristle brush. Then, spray off with a power washer. You may need to repeat this process a second time if it does not work.

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