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So, you’ve gotten your brand new driveway. When can you actually start using it?

When you have a new driveway installed, it’s important to keep people and vehicles off of it for a period of time.

This allows the pavement to set and cure properly, and using it prematurely may cause damage and lead to driveway issues further down the road.

So how do you know when you can walk on your new driveway? That depends on a few factors…

When Can I Start Walking on my New Driveway?

What Season You Have It Installed Matters.

Late Spring or Early Fall

The best temperature for paving a new driveway is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

This makes the months right before and right after Summer the perfect time for installation. As long as the temperature doesn’t fluctuate, you can usually begin to use your new driveway within three days of installation.


Warm temperatures will help the asphalt to dry, but can cause adverse effects if they’re too warm.

Installing pavement in 80-90 degree weather can keep the asphalt from hardening quickly, and you will need to let it dry for 2-3 more days than normal.


Asphalt cannot set in cold temperatures, and snow and ice can do damage to your new driveway if they’re present when it’s being installed.

What Type of Shoes You Wear

High heels and kids’ cleats are threatening to new asphalt, as they can poke holes in the surface that will remain in your driveway if it’s indented before it’s fully dry.

If you install your new driveway during late spring or early fall, it is usually safe to walk on within 24 hours as long as you’re wearing flat-bottomed shoes.

It’s best to keep cars and other heavy vehicles off the driveway for at least 3-5 days as well. Motorcycles, bicycles, or other items that use a kickstand to keep them upright will have a similar effect on the pavement as high heels and cleats, and should be kept off the driveway for the first few days.

Different weather conditions occurring on the days following your new driveway installation can also affect the time it needs to set and dry properly, so always ask your pavement contractor when it’s safe to start using the driveway again.

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