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Your driveway is one of the first things people see when they visit your home, but it isn’t just there for decoration! Having a driveway allows a safe place to park your vehicle(s) and provides space for outdoor activities. Keeping your driveway in great shape is essential to its efficiency. Let’s take a look at why your driveway can crack, and what to do about it:

pavement crack repair in Maryland

Why are there cracks in my Driveway?

  1. A Poorly Installed Base: A properly installed driveway will be constructed with a sub-base of crushed stone packed very tightly, followed by an aggregate base, before the asphalt or concrete is even poured. If a driveway contractor uses cheap and loose materials like dirt or sand to form the bases it compromises the structure of your driveway over time.
  2. Heavy Loads: Frequently storing extremely heavy vehicles or materials on your driveway creates pressure on the surface and if you don’t have a solid base, this pressure can lead to cracks and other damage. Anything over 10,000 pounds is guaranteed to crack a poorly installed driveway, so it’s best to store vehicles or objects this heavy elsewhere.
  3. Excessive Salt Use: Although it’s helpful in melting ice in the winter, road salt can cause a lot more harm than good to your driveway. The salt helps speed up the thawing process, but allows the water to seep quickly into the driveway’s surface, where it refreezes, expands, and eventually forms cracks in the pavement.
  4. Tree Root Growth: Be cautious of trees, especially large ones, which are planted near your driveway. A tree’s roots can grow beneath your driveway and put pressure on the base and surface from below. If the pressure builds enough, cracks will become visible.

What can I do?

In many cases, prevention is the optimal solution. However, most prevention methods are carried out at the time of the driveway’s installation. Finding a trusted, reliable and professional Maryland driveway installation company can be the difference between a smooth, solid driveway that lasts for many years and a cracked, unattractive one that needs constant repairs.

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