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Professional Driveway Sealcoating Is your spring cleaning to-do list not long enough yet? Don’t forget to add driveway cleaning and sealcoating to it! Actually, move it to the top because this time of year it truly is a priority. But the winter is over, you might say, why should you worry about sealcoating your driveway if it’s nice and sunny out? Our Maryland sealcoating contractors are here to answer these and other questions about spring-time driveway sealcoating.

What is sealcoating for?

Sealcoating is a coat of sealant applied to asphalt driveways. It can be applied to concrete too, but it’s more commonly used on asphalt. Driveways sealcoating serves several purposes, but mainly:
  • To seal small cracks and prevent them from growing bigger.
  • To prevent water from penetrating through the cracks to the base of the driveway.
  • To refresh the look of your weathered driveway.
Once your driveway is covered with a layer of sealant, it will become smooth, and tiny dips and crevices will even out. This means there will be fewer spots where dirt will get stuck or rainwater will collect.

Why sealcoat in spring?

Winter is certainly harsh on driveways, no doubt about it. But so is summer. Believe it or not, the persistent UV rays, heat and Maryland’s unpredictable summer storms can do some serious damage to a driveway. Here is why you should consider seal coating your Maryland driveway this spring:

Your fall sealcoating is wearing off

If you had your driveways sealed in fall, the sealcoat is likely wearing off by now. Between the snow, the ice and the melting agents, the sealant has to tolerate a lot during winter. Seasonal sealcoating is the best approach to asphalt driveway maintenance. If you are not sure about the condition of the previous layer of sealcoating, let us know and we’ll come out to inspect your driveway. Sometimes, it’s possible to “over-seal” asphalt, so it’s worth getting professional advice from a reputable Maryland paving contractor if you are in doubt.

Prevent your driveway from drying up

Just like your skin dries and burns after prolonged exposure to sunlight, so does your asphalt driveway. It might not turn red or even show any obvious signs of trouble right away, but by the end of summer you will notice unsightly cracks. Sealcoating helps lock the binding oils inside the asphalt, preventing them from evaporating.

Get a better deal

Spring and summer are not exactly known as the sealcoating season. Most homeowners who sealcoat annually do it in fall in preparation for the cold winter. However, the warm spring weather allows the sealcoat to cure faster and better than it would in the fall. There is also less likelihood of rain and fewer debris blowing around in spring. Are you looking for a local Maryland paving company to sealcoat your driveway? Give 1-855-Got-Paving a call or contact us online to get a free estimate.