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Frequently Asked Questions About Paving

What is the difference between resurfacing and seal coating a driveway?

Without getting into too many specifics, resurfacing takes three inches off the top of your driveway and replaces it. Seal coating is like adding a layer of paint to a wall; it’ll extend the life of the driveway but it won’t address serious issues.

When can I drive on a new driveway?

No two driveways are the same, but you can usually drive on your new driveway after 3 days.

What causes asphalt to crack?

In Maryland, the ground freezes causing frost heave which will cause the ground to raise and lower. This fluctuation can cause asphalt to crack, which can lead to potholes and sinkholes as well. Unfortunately, no asphalt is immune to this phenomenon, so it will need to be repaired periodically.

When is the best time to pave my driveway?

Anytime when the temperature is above freezing, so anytime from early Spring to late Fall are going to be the best times to make the call. However, it is possible to pave your driveway at other times throughout the year. Just give us a call and we can talk you through it.

How long will a driveway last?

This answer depends on many factors including the area surrounding the driveway (proper drainage, no trees), how well the homeowner maintains the driveway (seal coating), and how well the driveway is constructed (you get what you pay for).

Got More Questions? We’ve Got Paving Answers

If you have more specific questions than the ones we addressed here, we’d be happy to answer them for you. Simply contact us today on the web or by phone to learn more.