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IMAG0808Paving is used to cover up holes and cracks on the surface of roads, parking lots, and more. However, paving does not last forever. It can be subject to breaks or erosion. Parking lots are especially susceptible to structural problems due to the heavy foot and car traffic they experience. These problems can range from small issues to large scale disasters.


Potholes can be a driver’s worst nightmare, since they are often unseen until the last moment. Driving over potholes can cause damage to cars and to the surface of the road as well. Potholes are caused by extreme weather conditions and old paving. They are particularly numerous in the winter, when surfaces repeatedly freeze and thaw, creating pockets of air. Fortunately, potholes can be easily filled with simple paving techniques.

Troughs and Indents

Like potholes, troughs can emerge in paved areas. Troughs refer to elongated horizontal or vertical indentations. These types of indents are also caused by weather conditions and can expand rapidly during times of extreme environmental change. Similar to the repaving process for potholes, troughs can be filled easily and quickly.

Pooled Water 

When paved surfaces sink into the underlying ground, water can pool in these areas. Even the best paved surfaces can become unstable over time, which leads to widespread indentation. If not treated, water pooling can lead to flooding and other dangerous conditions. Water pooling can also render a parking lot unusable if the areas are particularly deep or wide.

Surface Erosion

Although paving is a long-term solution, it is subject to erosion. All types of paving will eventually erode, whether it’s from weather conditions, heavy traffic, or time. Parking lots are magnets for erosion, as many people travel through these areas every day. Repaving protects the surface of parking lots and prevents damage from wear and tear.

Slope Issues

Parking lots that are not properly prepared can experience grading or slope issues. It is essential to measure flat surfaces before paving, since slopes can quickly turn into big problems. When the surfaces of parking lots are uneven, other issues can arise. Fortunately, slope problems can be alleviated by repaving.

Regardless of the type of paving issue, the team at 1-855-Got-Paving is here to help. From potholes to uneven surfaces, our team of experts can meet all sorts of parking lot paving needs. Contact us today to see how we can help to make your parking lot safer for your customers.