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Commercial and Residential Paving in Eldersburg, Maryland

Commercial and Residential Paving in Columbia, Maryland

Interested in having some pavement added to your home or business? Properly laid pavement or asphalt can last for a long time, especially when it is installed by an experienced Eldersburg, MD paving contractor. At Got Paving, we’ve been providing the good people of Eldersburg, and other surrounding areas of Maryland for years, and offer a great many paving services.

Asphalt Paving

Asphalt is a great paving material, heralded for its strength and durability. Asphalt can be used for parking lots, roads, driveways, and practically any paving project. In order to reap all of the benefits of asphalt as a material, it needs to be installed by an Eldersburg, MD paving company with experience.


Adding a new driveway, or having your existing one fixed up, will not only help improve the look of your home, but will also improve its value. If you’re looking to have some driveway work done, make sure to look for an Eldersburg, MD driveway paving company that has experience, and is licensed and insured.

Paving Repair

It’s a good idea to take good care of your pavement, but eventually, cracks and potholes are going to spring up. However, their spread can be cut off by having them repaired. The longer a crack is left to sit, the farther it will spread. We recommend both home and business owners have any cracks repaired by an Eldersburg, MD paving repair specialist as soon as they appear.

Seal Coating

Pavement and asphalt is constantly exposed to the elements, but luckily they can be protected from them by having some seal coating applied by a trusted paving contractor in Eldersburg, MD. Seal coating will help to prevent cracks from forming, and will reduce the rate at which your pavement fades.


We’ve been in the grading business for decades, and have seen so many poor grading jobs performed by amateurs, both commercially and residentially. Grading is such an important process, and if the ground isn’t perfectly level when things are done, you’re going to have a big problem on your hands. The best way to avoid this is to just work with an experienced Eldersburg, MD grading company in the first place.

Stone Work

Natural stone costs more than concrete or asphalt, but it also provides a truly unique look and feel that concrete and asphalt just can’t provide. Laying out natural stone to make a path, lot, driveway, or any kind of pavement structure can be a difficult and technical task. If you want your stone work to look amazing and last for years, you need to have it laid by an Eldersburg, MD paving contractor that specializes in stone work.

Snow Removal

Snow can pile up fast, and whether it’s piling up outside the front door of your home or place of business, you probably will require access through the snow. The quickest and most efficient way to get rid of the snow is to work with a snow removal company in Eldersburg, MD.

Parking Lots

Do you require a new parking lot for a new business location? Are you interested in having additional parking spaces added to an existing parking lot? It is vital that you have ample parking for customers and employees. If you need to expand your parking, be sure to have the job done by an Eldersburg, MD paving contractor with experience installing parking lots.

About Us

At Got Paving, we eat, sleep, and breathe paving, and have for over thirty years. We are family-owned and operated, and are proud to provide our services to Eldersburg, and all of the other surrounding areas of Maryland.

To learn more about all of the different paving services we can offer you, give us a ring at (410-672-3333) or send us a message online. We provide our services to both home and business owners.