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Living in Maryland, we know how harsh the winters can get, but do you know about all of the damage the winter weather can wreak on your home’s driveway? As an experienced Maryland paving repair company, we wanted to take some time today to discuss all of the potential hazards your driveway could face this winter.

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Freezing and Thawing

During the winter, temperatures often dip below freezing, and these temperatures can be disastrous for your driveway. Water will find its way into any cracks in your driveway, and it’ll freeze under the extreme temperatures. This process of freezing and thawing will continue, and each time the cracks in your driveway will get larger.

The Problem With De-icers

Many people attempt to use a de-icing agent, like salt, during the winter. While this is certainly a way to prevent ice from forming, you may be doing some serious damage to the surface of your driveway in the process. If you’re worried about using a de-icing agent on your driveway, then you should contact a local Maryland paving repair company to see if it’s okay to do so.

Damage From Plows

Plowing snow-filled roads is necessary, but it can also cause a lot of damage to your driveway. Plows grind against the pavement and they can remove the seal coat put there by your Maryland pavement repair company. This exposes the aggregate beneath it and allows water to seep into your driveway. For this reason, it may be better to avoid plowing your driveway.

Work With an Experienced Maryland Paving Company

Here at Got Paving, we’ve been providing our driveway paving services to Maryland for years. We’ve helped countless homeowners prep their driveways for the winter, and we can help you too. Don’t worry about your driveway getting damaged and give us a call today.