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A paved driveway gives your home’s exterior an attractive, clean look and provides a safe space for you to store your vehicle when you’re not driving it. Maintaining your driveway is essential to keeping up appearance and functionality, whether that means using safe practices when shoveling or having cracks fixed soon after you notice them.

professional driveway repaving
Driveway Sealcoating, Resurfacing, and Repaving: Should You Do It Yourself? 2

If your driveway has seen better days, you might be considering resealing or repaving it yourself. Although this might sound like a great way to save money, it’s highly recommended that you have a professional Maryland paving company handle the project for you. Here’s a look at why:

What Driveway Repairs and Repaving Entail

When homeowners think of repairing issues with their existing driveway, they typically have one of following in mind: sealcoating, resurfacing, or repaving. Here’s a look at what each entails to give you a better idea of their differences:

Sealcoating involves a liquid sealant that is applied to the driveway to fill cracks and seal the surface.

Resurfacing entails replacing the top layer of asphalt with fresh material and is a more permanent solution for aging, cracked, or significantly damaged driveways.

Repaving involves removing your existing driveway and installing a brand new one, which is often necessary when your driveway takes damage and wear that is just too severe to remedy otherwise.

While all three can help you improve the look and functionality of your driveway, they can be complicated to perform yourself, especially when you don’t have the professional tools, products, and expertise to do so.

The Problems with Do-It-Yourself Paving

While you might think that buying some sealant and applying it to your driveway yourself will easily and affordably fix cracks and discoloration, it may prove to be a waste of time and effort shortly down the road. How so? Well, one of the keys to successfully repaving is knowing which method is best for your driveway given its current condition.

It takes paving expertise to properly assess your driveway and determine which solution is the better investment. In addition, if you attempt do-it-yourself sealcoating or resurfacing and you don’t have the proper tools and knowledge necessary, you can easily find yourself needing more costly repairs or even driveway replacement in the near future.

Get Expert Paving Services for Your Driveway

At Got Paving, we’re dedicated to providing Maryland homeowners with the residential paving services they need to protect their investment, increase their property’s value, save money, and beautify their home’s exterior. Whether you’re looking to have a driveway paved for the first time or it’s time to reseal your existing driveway, we’re here to help. Save yourself time by contacting us today for the professional paving services your home deserves.