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Is your driveway cracked and not looking as good as it used to? Do you want it to look just as good as the day it was installed? If you’re interested in having your driveway looking brand new, then you need to get some help from a local paving company. We wanted to take some time today to talk about how you can keep your driveway in top shape.

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Give Your Driveway a Fresh Start This Year 2

What Damages Driveways?

During the winter months water collects in cracks and freezes. This freezing causes the cracks to expand and deepen, leading to further damage to your driveway. Another common way that driveways are damaged is by dropping heavy items on them. If your driveways been damaged by the temperatures or by a heavy object, contact a local paving company.

Have Your Driveway Seal Coated

The easiest way to get your driveway looking new again is to have a seal coating applied. Seal coating your driveway will keep it looking good for at least several years. Any local paving company should be able to help you with your seal coating.

Or Have it Resurfaced

Resurfacing is a more involved process than applying a seal coating, but it will also last longer. When you have your driveway resurfaced, your local paving company will remove about three inches off the top and replace it with fresh asphalt. Resurfacing a driveway may take longer that seal coating it, but it will probably last roughly twice as long.

How Long Should My Driveway Last?

There’s no definitive amount of time that a driveway should last, but most driveways should hold up for at least five to ten years and will last even longer with proper maintenance. If you haven’t had your driveway inspected within the past couple of years you probably should have it looked at. The best way to ensure your driveway is around to last is to have it inspected regularly.

Work with an Experienced Local Paving Company

Here at Got Paving, we’ve been providing our services to Maryland for years and we hope to do so for many more. If you have any questions about your driveway, or if you’re worried about it cracking, give us a call. Our team of driveway paving specialists is standing by ready to help, give us a call today.