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Paving your driveway is something you should leave to the professionals, but why not learn a little more about the process?

How are Driveways Paved?


After hiring a reliable paving contractor, the first thing that needs to be done is the removal of your current pavement. If you had a gravel driveway, the professionals will remove all rocks and debris. If you had asphalt, it will be broken up into pieces and removed. It’s important that the surface is completely clear and clean before starting the paving process.


A great way to prevent premature deterioration or a collapsed driveway is to ensure proper drainage. Your contractor will inspect the grade or slope of the surface where your driveway is to be placed and fill in any low spots to achieve an ideal grade. Heavy machinery is needed for the next steps, so it’s important to always have a contractor take on your home or business’ paving jobs.


A base of soil and crushed rock will be laid and compacted with a large twin drum roller. Rocks that are jagged and coarse are used, as this is the best mix for proper drainage. If the soil underneath the surface to be paved is sandy, about 4 inches of crushed rock base is necessary. For clay-based soil, 8 inches works best. This base will be left to settle for about a few days. If the paving job is on a tighter schedule, this step can be skipped. However, if the rock mixture is not allowed to settle correctly, it may cause problems for your driveway in the future.


The aggregate used to make asphalt pavement varies in size – small aggregate is good for residential driveways, while larger aggregate is better for roadways and highways, as it is stronger and can withstand more weight. The asphalt, once laid, is compacted with a heavy roller. Your contractor will then treat your driveway’s edges to make sure the asphalt is formed at a 45 degree angle at every edge.

Depending on the time of year, you should let the asphalt cool anywhere from overnight to a few days after the paving is complete before parking or driving on it.
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