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In such a cut throat real estate market, selling a house at above the value you bought it in is quite difficult. People say a house built in a high commercial area always rakes in big bucks when sold. However, it is not just the location of the house that makes a big sale, it also depends on a number of other factors.

Apart from the interior and exterior look of the house, one major factor is your driveway. Yes, your driveway can increase your property’s value significantly. No one wants a drive that has bumps and pot holes in it.

They say, The First Impression is the Last Impression”.

Imagine a potential buyer coming to your place, the first thing they will be put off by will be your driveway. The short ride from your driveway to your house will make the buyer rethink on the offer he/she was about to make.

Adding ‘curb appeal’ to your driveway increases your house’s value by 10%. If you live in a community where all the houses have a striking driveway as compared to yours, buyers automatically deem your house ‘not worthy’. This not only will decrease your house’s value, you will find difficulty in selling it too.

If your house costs around $200,000, with an investment of $2000, you can up your house’s value by $20,000. If you are wondering why you need to invest in your house’s driveway, then here are a number of reasons.

First, we have already explained that it increases your house’s value, but before you even sell it, you benefit from it. A 1000 sq ft driveway sounds too big but if the driveway is not paved correctly, the space seems small. A well-done smooth driveway gives you more space for parking as well as a small court, which you can use for miscellaneous things. You can use this added benefit to convince the buyer that he/she can hold small parties out in the open.

A gravel driveway requires high maintenance as compared to an asphalt or block pavement driveway. Though the latter two cost slightly more, they require low maintenance. Where a gravel driveway looks dirty when subject to harsh climate conditions, the other two get self-maintained.

If you are a workaholic and do not have time to clean your driveway weekly, then asphalt or block pavement is the perfect choice for you. Regular maintenance keeps your driveway intact for two to three years and even after that, all you will need is a little seal coat.

For getting optimum value for your property, this small amount is nothing compared to what you will get when you will sell your house with a perfect driveway.

1-855-Got-Paving offers all kinds of paving services. With a cost as low as $1.85 per sq ft, you can change your driveway to a work of art. If you are hoping to sell your Maryland property in the near future then contact 1-855-Got-Paving for their flawless driveway-paving services. Within an hour or two, you can increase your house’s value by a couple of thousand dollars.