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Your driveway might seem like a simple slab of asphalt, but the process of constructing a new driveway is rather intricate. Let’s take a look at what goes into new driveway construction.

New Driveway Construction in Maryland

Step 1: Planning

If you currently have a driveway but want to replace it with new asphalt, the old material must be broken up and removed completely before any construction begins. If your driveway is a new construction, plans must be drawn on the specifics of the layout and location.

Step 2: Grading

Grading the surface your driveway will lie on top of is necessary to new driveway construction to ensure proper drainage of water and to prevent it from future collapse. Sometimes water is run with a hose over the graded surface before materials are laid down in order to determine which way the water naturally runs. Mounds or low spots are leveled or filled to achieve a proper grade.

Step 3: The Base

Base soil is laid out over the ground where your driveway will sit. It is then compacted, usually with a drum roller, and covered with crushed rock. Rock that is jagged and coarse works well to ensure appropriate drainage.

Step 4: Asphalt

Your contractor will work with you in determining what size aggregate is used to make the asphalt pavement. Small aggregate works best for residential driveways since they don’t get as much use and wear as main roads, and gives the driveway a smooth appearance. However, larger aggregate makes for a stronger surface and can be used residentially as well. Once laid, your Maryland new driveway construction contractor will compact the asphalt with a heavy roller.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

In order to further promote good water drainage, the asphalt that makes up your driveway should be formed at 45 degree angles at every edge. Once the driveway is finished, the homeowner can repair landscaping surrounding the pavement that might have been damaged by the construction.

Although step-by-step guides on how to construct a new driveway are available, it’s a much smarter and safer idea to hire an expert. Working with a Maryland driveway contractor like 1-855-GOT-PAVING offers you plenty of advantages:

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