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Fall is almost upon us and colder weather is just around the corner in Maryland. Now is the perfect time to finish the last of your home projects before winter comes, and if your driveway has cracks, you’ll have to have it repaired as soon as possible. Here’s why!

driveway repair cracks winter

Driveway Cracks in the Winter

If you have small cracks here and there in your driveway, you may not be too worried about them. Unfortunately, even if they’re shallow and not very visible now, you may be in for a surprise come spring once the leaves are gone and the snow melts away. Cracks will always get larger until they are repaired, but what does winter have to do with it?

The colder seasons bring snow, sleet, and ice storms which lead to slippery asphalt and unsafe conditions. When your driveway collects any sort of precipitation, even the smallest cracks are filled with water. Because winter brings such low and harsh cold temperatures, the water that fills the cracks tends to freeze rather quickly. When a pavement crack is filled with water and the temperature is low, the water will freeze, causing it to expand in the crevice.

The freeze-thaw cycle that occurs when snow or ice melts on your driveway, fills up cracks, and refreezes is the primary culprit of pavement cracks growing in size throughout the entire span of time that cold temperatures are present in Maryland. If your cracks are small now, they’ll likely be much larger by the time spring rolls around.

How to Prevent Pavement Damage

If there are already cracks in your pavement, the only way to prevent their spreading and growth is to get your driveway repaired before they get any worse. Once fixed, follow these tips for preventing driveway damage throughout the year:

Looking for Driveway Repair in Maryland?

1-855-GOT-PAVING is a driveway repair and paving specialist that has proudly served Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Howard, and Carroll Counties for over 30 years. If you’ve got cracks in your driveway, call us today! We’re here to fix them for you and ensure your driveway doesn’t succumb to the damages cold weather can bring.