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Snow Removal and Your Driveway

When a big snowstorm hits, many of us delight in the days off work and the relaxation time that getting snowed-in offers. Much to our dismay, however, there’s still one job that must be done, and that’s snow removal. Let’s take a look at why it’s important to the health of your driveway to practice proper snow removal, and learn some great tips for clearing snow from your pavement and walkways.

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Why Do I Need to Remove Snow From My Driveway?

If you just get a little dusting of snow, it is usually okay to let the snow melt on its own as long as temperatures aren’t expected to decrease much in the days following the snowfall. But if you get any more snow than that, you should take time to remove the snow. Letting snow sit on your driveway for long periods of time can lead to problems:

Problem #1 – The snow can melt into pre-existing cracks and potholes in the driveway and then refreeze when temperatures drop, expanding the cracks and making holes and chips in the pavement worse.

Problem #2 – Snow can be much harder to shovel once it has been left to sit and partially melt as it becomes heavier and more prone to refreezing.

Problem #3 – Neglecting to remove snow from your driveway can make it difficult or impossible to leave your house, keeping you indoors until the snow has melted and your vehicle can make it out of your driveway safely.

Tips for Snow Removal

Here are some helpful tips that will make snow removal around the exterior of your home safer and easier:

  • Stretch before you shovel and wear layers to keep warm.
  • Use a snow blower over a shovel when you have access to one, as this is a safer and quicker way to remove snow.
  • Avoid shovels with metal edges, as they can scrape and scratch your driveway’s surface and leave unattractive marks.
  • Put stakes along the sides if your driveway so that you can see where the edges of the pavement are when heavy snowfall occurs.
  • Try to get outside and shovel a few times as the snow is falling, rather than waiting until all the snow has fallen.

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