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If you ever had to deal with an ugly driveway, you probably know how much of an eyesore it can be. And the worst thing is that you have to look at it every day. If you don’t want your driveway to be a constant reminder of your bad decisions, then this article is for you. Today, our Maryland driveway paving experts will talk about the top mistakes to avoid when deciding on the best solutions for your new driveway, whether you are remodeling your old one or adding a driveway to a new home.

Choosing the Wrong Size

There are many different ways you can lay out a driveway on your property, and the more space you have to play around with, the more difficult it is to decide. For example, you could have a half-circle arched driveway that has two entrances from the street. Or you could connect your primary driveway to a separate parking space for when the guests come over. Just remember that a driveway is a relatively permanent structure that will be expensive to change if you don’t like the end result.

Always plan the size with your largest and heaviest vehicle in mind. Plan ahead and think about where everyone will park once your teenage kids start driving. But don’t try to make the driveway large enough to accommodate all potential guests—it is unrealistic and you will end up with a large, mostly unused, driveway.

Choosing the Wrong Contractor

No matter how well you plan, your plan won’t come alive without proper execution. The final look and quality of your new driveway largely depend on the professionalism and experience of your Maryland paving contractor. It’s not a bad idea to get a few estimates before you settle on a specific company. Or at least ask your friends or neighbors how much they paid.

Typically, extremely low estimates are low for a reason. Your contractor either intends to cut corners or is not planning on finishing the job at all. To properly lay asphalt costs money both in materials and in labor. Feel free to ask your contractor to show you how these costs break down, so that you know where your money is going.

Choosing the Wrong Materials

What should your driveway be made of? There are many different materials to choose from, such as concrete, asphalt, pavers, gravel, etc. Each of them has unique qualities and are most suitable for certain applications. For example, concrete is rather inflexible and tends to crack under pressure, which is why it may not be the best solution for long, curvy driveways. On the other hand, asphalt gets damaged by the elements and requires periodic sealcoating to maintain its looks and integrity.

When choosing materials for your driveway, look beyond the aesthetics and focus on what will make sense for your driveway long-term. If you are not sure, talk to your local Maryland paving contractor to discuss pros and cons of different driveway paving materials.

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