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gravel for proper grading

Grading is probably the most important aspect to your entire paving job. Grading is the process of ensuring a level base in the construction of your driveway. Grading also takes place during the construction of your home’s lawn and property, when roads are constructed, and more. In order to grade in the preparation of laying an asphalt driveway or parking lot, the land must be cut or filled, leveled, and appropriately pitched to allow for water run off.

Have you ever traversed a parking lot in the rain and had to serpentine around all of the puddles? Have you experienced rain water in your garage during heavy downpours? If so, you have experienced an area that was not properly graded and pitched. That is why grading is so crucial; standing rain water only further damages the asphalt and concrete, and with the amount of rain that we get year round in Maryland this is a worry to many of our customers.

What should I know about Grading?

At 1-855-GOT-PAVING we focus on the early phases of your driveway. We measure, plan, and spend ample time determining the correct grade and pitch that your driveway will require to properly direct water away from your home and to prevent puddles or pools occurring during rainfall. Contact us today for a free estimate!