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When Should I Repave My Commercial Parking Lot?

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Worn-out parking lots make a bad impression on the visitors. They not only give a bad vibe to your patrons but also increase the chances of accidents. It is normally due to negligence that small cracks turn into big potholes, ruining both the quality and the aesthetics of the road. In addition to that, sun and rain also add to the worsening condition of the asphalt, making it brittle altogether.

The good part is that you can save your commercial parking lot from all that; provided you know when to take action. Although it is important to maintain it throughout, there are certain signs that tell you when you should definitely start repaving your commercial parking lot.

Different types of cracks

There are a lot of different types of cracks that can occur on the asphalt of your commercial parking lot. Things might not be that bad if there are only a few cracks here and there, but if you find a combination of cracks including shrinkage, widening, and slippage, it is time that you actually take some action.


Another major sign that you must start repaving your commercial parking lot is when several potholes start popping up one after the other. Potholes in your commercial parking lot will affect your business and its visitor frequency adversely.

Why Should Commercial Properties Go For Repaving?

As mentioned above, it is all about the image you convey to your patrons. A parking lot is what casts the first impression on the customers. There are few things that take away your professional appeal like a dreary and dull parking lot having countless cracks and potholes.

The best part is that repaving an asphalt parking lot is one of the most inexpensive options, especially if you hire professional pavers like 1855 Got Paving. Whether you are concerned with filling those early cracks that have appeared, pothole repairs, or even seal-coating, 1855 Got Paving has got your back.

What If I Go Through Routine Maintenance For My Parking Lot?

Having your commercial parking lot checked and maintained periodically greatly increases the life of the asphalt. Using high-quality sealing on your commercial parking lots every once in a while can easily add between 10-15 years of life to it.

Are you looking forward to having your commercial parking lot repaved? Just contact 1855-Got-Paving by dialing (410) 672-3333. You can also get a free estimate from us over the phone.

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