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3 Common Pavement Problems: Solved 2

Pavement Problem #1: Cracks

There are plenty of reasons that your driveway or parking lot’s pavement can become cracked, including poor installation, prolonged storage of heavy machinery, old age, and even invasive tree roots. Learn about how you can keep cracks from getting worse and what to do when the cracking becomes a severe issue here.

Pavement Problem #2: Tire Marks

Skid marks can be divided into two categories: acceleration marks and braking marks. The former is created when you speed up your car, while the latter appears when the engine’s power exceeds the ability of the tire to grip the road.

You can tell the difference as brake marks have a lot of curves while acceleration marks are comparatively straight. Find out how to remove these unsightly marks from your pavement here.

Pavement Problem #3: Drainage Issues

When it rains, your driveway does not absorb the water like your yard does and instead allows the water to pool or travel to lower ground. Whether you’re experiencing puddles in your driveway to flooding in your garage, you can find the solutions to your pavement drainage problems here.

Your Maryland Paving Experts

When you’re unhappy with your driveway or parking lot, there’s only one thing to do: Reach out to the Maryland paving professionals at Got Paving! We’ll address your concerns with affordable and high-quality solutions and get your pavement looking better than ever. Give us a call today to get started.